Nan’s House

Memory Revisited (3).JPG


My Nan’s house contains pretty much every childhood memory that i have, I spent my life here.  After school she would cook me dinner whilst my parents worked, special occasions my family would dance in the living room until the early hours, me and my cousins would pretend to be in bands in the hallway, easter egg hunts, halloween parties, christmas dinner, sleepovers, everything that happened, happened here.

We still have her house up for sale at the moment, but sooner or late it will be taken off the market.  This used to make me feel incredibly upset to know that strangers will be in the home where i have all of my memories, but I realised something the other day, we are a part of the houses life.  Years after we are all gone, this house will still be here, whilst it was a big part of our lives, we are a miniscule part of it’s life.  Many more families will continue to grow, laugh, and cry in this house, creating memory after memory and the fact that we have been part of that process is incredibly humbling.


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