Lost and Found

I read a quote today

“Don’t look for happiness in the places that you lost it”

It really resonated with me, for years I have looked at my parents passing a years the reason things go wrong in my life or the reason I have done things slower than my peers.  In actual fact I have held myself fact, I have lingered in that moment In time hoping that my existence there will somehow do a full circle and I will return to how I used to be before it happened.

That cannot happen, this sad event may have been a catalyst in slowing me down but ultimately it is down to me to pick things back up again.  I can never be how i used to be, too much has happened in my life, I am not the same person, but I should be proud of this.  I have grown and matured creating a new version of myself.  I’m letting go of the anger I had for my parents leaving me and instead of craning my neck to the past I am looking forward with the beautiful memories I have keeping me company, but instead of them controlling what I do, they are now just companions for the journey ahead.


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