Website Design

As part of my university module I am having to make a website as well as all the other usual social media formats.  When you have little confidence in your own ability this kind of activity feels very bizarre, not only do I have no idea if a website will even attract people to my work, but I beat myself up every time I check visitor stats and its 0.

I know the best thing is to power on through, nothing worth achieving has ever been done so from sitting around, it takes hard work, but sometimes when you are in that low and anxious state the last thing you want to do is work toward drawing attention to yourself.

with this being said here I am writing a blog about my anxieties and photographing myself in order for me to face my issues, completely drawing all attention to myself.  making this website has really made me consider how I want people to view me, is the arts and health route really the track I want to go down? if I go down that way will i be defined by the state of my mental health? I’m not sure I want that.

i have a few things to consider, eventually the blog may become more private, perhaps the photos will also fade, after all it is oddly the words and thoughts that bring the images more meaning rather than their actual aesthetics.  In the mean time whilst I consider my positioning in photography this is my website up until this point.

C Laura Photography



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