Capturing Anxiety

How do you make the invisible visible?

I am in conflict with myself about my current photography project, I want to depict what consumes me and make it visible to myself in the hope that I can understand it and get to the bottom of what causes these anxieties, but how do you do this when you cannot see what is affecting you? When the cause of your insecurities and issues are everywhere around you and nowhere at the same time?

Perhaps my approach to the project is wrong, how am I supposed to predict and put together an image when the reason I am taking them is completely unpredictable?

These have been the issues plaguing me today, not only is this project for university, but it’s for myself and that thought in itself is completely daunting when I am my own worst critic.  I care so much about doing it effectively that I stop myself from producing anything through fear of failure, but of course this route ultimately leads in failure also.  Pushing past that feeling is like treading on quicksand; stop too long to think about it and you drown in your own thoughts and insecurities once more, but bound through it as quick as you can and you don’t really deal with anything on the way.

Im sure these conflictions will be rectified eventually, but right now I am not sure how, a different approach is needed.


2 thoughts on “Capturing Anxiety

  1. dannie1955 says:

    What is working for me right now is just doing a little work at a time. Then I’ll come back later and do a little more. That way, I feel good that I am handling it.


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